It’s easy to overlook the process behind getting water from the tap. It’s out of sight and out of mind enough to forget all the steps to go into delivering water to your workplace or home faucets. But it’s important to educate yourself on water quality and learn to identify when a better water solution is needed. 

There are growing risks of potential contaminants and water system degradation that could be contributing to less than pure water. Today, we’ll discuss these potential risks along with why businesses and homes should start prioritizing water quality.

Not Knowing Could Be Dangerous

If you’re not educating yourself about your water quality, you could be increasing your health risks. Even mild contaminants can lead to health symptoms like upset stomachs or other gastrointestinal issues. And for some communities where boil orders are frequent, missing the alert to such an order could cause even more health problems. But water quality doesn’t just affect the people who drink it. There are pets to consider, too. And other nuisances, like staining your laundry or causing harm to household plants, are also potential issues.

Water Quality Regulations Only Go So Far

Yes, your local municipality will have regulations in place to ensure tap water quality meets certain standards. However, those guidelines only cover portions of the water processing and delivery process. This means there could be parts of the journey that your water travels that don’t meet standards. And by the time water flows into your glass from the faucet, it could contain bacteria, debris, or contaminants not originally sourced from your water plant.

Naturally Occurring Chemicals and Minerals

Consumers and business owners should also care about water quality since there are risks associated with naturally occurring chemicals and minerals seeping into your systems. It’s not uncommon for the ecosystem around your water sources to change over time. And there could be factors contributing to changes in water tables and the release of additional soil-based pollutants into those water sources. 

Aging Water Infrastructure Contributions

Another contributing factor to poor water quality involves the aging water system infrastructure that brings water to your home or business. If any part of your neighborhood water system is old or outdated, you aren’t a stranger to local boil orders from time to time. But it also means you should expect debris, rust, or other contaminants in your locally sourced water.

There’s a Better Way to Have Quality Water

You should care about water quality for another reason. You should care because you also have a choice for cleaner, higher-quality water with Palm Springs Bottled Water! With a wide variety of water cooler products and bottled water solutions, you can be sure every drop of water your employees or your family drinks is of the highest quality. And for many businesses and consumers alike, it’s priceless peace of mind.
When it comes to water quality, be mindful of these reasons to find alternatives. And if your home or business is in Eldrige, Iowa, Peoria Heights, Illinois, or Macomb, Illinois, you can call Palm Springs Bottled Water.

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