Rick Coursey Jr started as a Sales Rep for a bottled water company back in 1996. He loved the business so much that he went off on his own September 2002.  He started knocking on doors and gaining customer’s trust by his amazing customer service and great tasting bottled water.

Fast track to the present – he married an amazing woman in 2004, Aimee Coursey, and they have four sons! Rick & Aimee both run and operate RNJ Distribution together and their twins Seth and Isaac are Route Drivers. They treat all customer’s the way they would want to be treated. Customer service is their top priority. Being a family run business, Rick & Aimee give all their passion and energy to this business. They love what they do!

2 convenient locations:
Davenport, Iowa
Macomb, Illinois

Contact Info
office 877-357-0295
Text 209-248-6577
email acoursey@palmspringsbottledwater.com