Millions of Americans have made the switch to bottled water solutions at home and at work. In fact, most people enjoy bottled water pretty much everywhere they go, with stats of more than 86% drinking bottled water when they travel. Additionally, 83% of Americans enjoy bottled water at work, and more than 70% enjoy it socially and recreationally. You, too, might be ready to make the change yourself. 

You’ll find there are convenient and affordable bottled water delivery services out there to help you tap into the benefits of water in the bottle. But before you partner with any bottled water provider, you’ll want to ask a few pivotal water-related questions. Here are some questions for any water service or bottled water supplier to make sure you’re making the best-fit decision for your workplace water resource or family for home use.

1. Where Is Your Bottled Water Sourced?

This is an important question because not all bottled water is created equal. You’ll want to know what’s in your water and ask your bottled water provider about which branded products they carry. Some bottled water varieties come from municipal water. Other water products may be enhanced with mineral content. And there are distinctions between water that hails from wells, surface water sources, and springs. Before working with any bottled water service, just know what kind of water you’re ordering.

2. Do You Have Tiered Water Delivery Packages?

Some companies offer various packages to meet the needs of their business and home-use customers. Before deciding, you’ll want to know if there are jug services along with tiered packages for case quantities. From there, you can estimate, based on the number of employees in your office or household family members, and make the most cost-effective decision.

3. How Frequently Can You Deliver Bottled Water?

You’ll be able to schedule bottled water deliveries to your home or office. Ask your bottled water provider what kind of delivery schedules they have to offer. Additionally, inquire about making changes to those delivery schedules. Your company might grow in the number of employees, for example, requiring more frequent or abundant deliveries. Alternatively, your family might be planning a lengthy summer vacation and want to pause water delivery. Know your options before deciding so you don’t run short or over-order. 

4. Are There Minimum Orders Required?

Inquire about any minimum order requirements the water solution provider might have in place. There may be fees associated with falling below those requirements. And you might decide that instead of bottled water solutions, it’s a better fit to explore water cooler options. There are other ways to enjoy clean and delicious water outside of the traditional bottled water options. 

It’s questions like these that will help you make the most economical water choices based on your consumption and needs. When you’re ready to incorporate bottled water into your workplace or at home, consider these questions as great inquiries to help you find the best-fit water delivery service. And if you’re looking for delivery in the Quad Cities and Peoria areas, you only need to call Palm Springs Bottled Water for all your water solutions at home or at work.

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