Of all the services you use at home and in the workplace, clean, high-quality water might be the most important. And when you choose a water service provider, whether it’s bottled water or water coolers, it’s important to know you have options. Not all water service providers are created equal, either, which can make choosing a water provider a bit of a challenge. 

However, if you’re in Eldridge, IA, Peoria Heights, IL, or Macomb, IL, the choice is easy. Meet Palm Springs Bottled Water, the premier choice for water solutions. And we’re more than just water.

The Palm Springs Bottled Water Story

Founder Rick Coursey, Jr. has decades of experience in the water industry, having started as a sales rep for a bottled water company in 1996. By September 2002, he transformed his passion for the industry into his own entrepreneurial dream. Hitting the local streets and knocking on doors, he started landing his own customers, building a loyal following rooted in service, trust, and quality water.

Today, Rick and his wife, Aimee, enjoy a thriving business. And they still prioritize customer service with every delivery and order. Palm Springs Bottled Water is online and operating in three convenient locations:

  • Eldridge, Iowa
  • Macomb, Illinois
  • Peoria Heights, Illinois

Contact the Palm Springs Bottled Water Team

  • At the Office: 877-357-0295
  • By Text: 209-248-6577
  • By Email: 

What We Offer

Start exploring the Palm Springs Bottled Water product catalog online to find the best-fit water solution for your home or office needs. 

  • Water Solutions
  • Coffee Solutions
  • Coolers & Equipment
  • Additional Miscellaneous Products

And we work with popular brands, including Dart, Palm Springs, SOLO, Brio, Grindstone Café, Folgers, Prime Source, and White Bear Coffee.

More Than Just Great Water

A lot of companies claim to be customer-focused, but Palm Springs Bottled Water really does prioritize customer care in a brilliant way. See what our current and loyal customers have to say about working with Rick and his team.


“Palm Springs is a really great company. Whenever we call, they are kind and courteous and always deliver in a timely manner. The driver is friendly and always puts the water wherever we want it. Great water and great service. Truly recommend.” – John S., 2023


“This service has been awesome for us! When I call or email, they are right there with customer service, ready to help. We would recommend Palm Springs for sure; we’ve always got water when we need it.” – Debbie P., 2023


“My previous water company was no longer reliable, so I decided to switch companies. Palm Springs has been amazing, and their customer service is the best!! Thank you, Aimee!!” – Stephanie D., 2023

Whether you need bottled water by the case, an innovative water cooler service, or toilet paper for your office, let Palm Springs Bottled Water be your partner!Contact our team to explore quality water solutions wherever you need them. And know that you’ll always enjoy honest and reliable customer service with every order, delivery, or product!

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