It’s not uncommon for families and homeowners to assume their water is safe to drink. After all, there are regulations in place and routine testing that takes place at your local water plant, right? 

Yes, your water may be fine to drink. But it may not be the best quality, and you’re not always going to know about potential contaminants. Public water lines deteriorate and break down over time. Accidents happen that lead to poor water quality. So, how do you know if it’s time to consider better water solutions at home? If any of these signs sound familiar, it’s time to look into alternative water solutions for you and your family.

1. Water Discoloration

If you’ve noticed discoloration in your tap water, even if it’s sporadic, it’s time to find another water solution. Even temporary discoloration can be a sign there are “things” in your water you don’t want to drink. And even when your municipality issues a boil order due to a hydrant flush or nearby water main repair, there’s a better-quality water solution to consider to avoid risks. 

2. Subtle Odors

Does your water have an occasional odor to it? If you can smell your water at all, it’s definitely time to look into home water systems and water coolers. The air in the plumbing can sometimes taint the water in a way that makes it smell like, well, plumbing pipes. And it only means it’s time to find an alternative water solution.

3. Taste Quality Is Poor

If you or your kids complain about the water tasting “funny,” it could be an indication that something else is in it. It could just be an odor in your water main that’s impacting the water taste. While there may not be a need for your city to declare an official water concern, no one wants to ever drink water that tastes like anything other than water.

4. Routine Plumbing Maintenance

Do you feel like you’re constantly replacing or repairing your home’s plumbing systems? While updated plumbing materials will be better for your water quality, disturbing existing pipes and channels could churn up sediment or break loose materials that then show up in your tap. If you’re chasing plumbing maintenance more often than usual, it’s worth bringing in an alternative water solution for drinking.

5. The Laundry Isn’t Clean

Despite your best efforts to use detergent and laundry additives, your laundry still comes out with a slight odor or, worse, is discolored because of water quality. You can look for new detergents and scent boosters. But it’s a sign you probably don’t want to be drinking the water that’s affecting your laundry.

6. Your Own Water Testing Produces Scary Results

There are a host of options for homeowners and families who want to test their own water quality. Your municipality will release an annual Consumer Confidence Report regarding water quality, but consumers are starting to take quality into their own hands. If you test your tap water and get some scary or unfavorable results, you’ll want to immediately find a better water solution.

So, if these signs sound all too familiar to you, it’s time to connect with the water pros at Palm Springs Bottled Water. Whether you need bulk water, distilled water, water cooler drinking water, or bottled water, we have the water solutions you need. Start exploring a better water solution at home, and drink healthier!

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