Good better and best water coolers

You already know that the water you receive from Century Springs is fresh, healthy, and naturally great-tasting. You already know that it’s pure spring water! You know that there are no chemicals, chlorine, fluoride or preservatives are added to Century Springs spring water. You already know that Century Springs delivers this great-tasting water to your office within days of its being bottled.

What you don’t know is this: which water cooler is best for your office? Should your office be using the “best”, water color option, or is “better” best for you? 

Black Stainless Steel Water Cooler

 The first factor to note before making a decision: there’s no wrong option here. No matter which water cooler you pick, you’re getting the same great product with the same great service. It’s just a matter of which water cooler your office will prefer. Let’s talk through the options together. 

Which water cooler option is best for your office?


This is a good option, simple and easy to use. With the Good option, you get two options for water: cold, or room temperature. You also have the option of a black cooler or a white cooler, so your water cooler will match your office walls no matter whether they?re dark or light. See an example at the right:


Good Water Cooler

The main difference between the Good option and the Better option is the hot water option. Hot and cold water comes directly from the spigot, meaning you can make hot tea right at your water cooler. Another perk of this “better” water cooler is the adjustable cold water thermostat. If you find that your office likes really, really cold water, you can make it happen. The Better option features an upgraded design, too. It comes in stainless steel, making it durable and of high-quality. The stainless steel and high-gloss black coloring makes the cooler as a whole look sleek and very professional. See it for yourself, pictured to the left. 


With the Best water cooler, you get everything included in the Better option, but with a bottom-load feature. Instead of lifting heavy, 5-gallon bottles of water, you’ll simply place the water bottle out of sight in the reservoir. This feature is innovative, and we expect to see this contemporary design in many offices in the upcoming years. 

Besides the bottom-load feature and hot and cold water cooler, the Best design also has a LED night light, as well as a “low on water” bottle indicator-no more guessing as to when you’ll need to change the water next! This Best option has the same coloring as the Better option-stainless steel with high-gloss black accents. Without the large water bottle on the top, this cooler will blend in seamlessly with your office’s decor. 

Best bottom-load, bottom load water cooler

 Now that you’ve got the details at your fingertips, you’re likely wondering about pricing. We figured as much, and that’s why we created the “Build Your Own Simply Pure Plan” calculator. It answers questions like How much water will my office need per month? And What’s the difference between Spring Water and Distilled Drinking Water? 

If you’re still unsure which bottled water cooler is best for your office, contact us. We’ll come to the office, set up all the supplies you’ll need, and leave you to enjoy great-tasting water from Palm Springs.