Water 101

Why would you ever go bottle-less when bottled water service is working just fine?

When you’re used to things being done a certain way, it can be off-putting when that “thing” gets shaken up.
But when the new replacing the old means that you’re saving money, time and energy, it’s worth the effort.

Add in other benefits like never running out of water, enjoying safer water, not lifting heavy water jugs, and you’ll find yourself asking why you hadn’t switched to bottle-less sooner.  

Century Springs offers a complete line of bottle-less drinking water systems, custom tailored to deliver safe, great-tasting water to your business. These drinking water systems use a combination of micro filtration, reverse osmosis (RO) and ultraviolet (UV) disinfection to provide you with superior-quality water, filtered fresh daily.

Bottle-less water cooler filter beats bottled water cooler

We know that bottle-less beats bottled, hands down. But perhaps you’re still not convinced to go bottle-less. Here’s 10 Reasons to Choose a Bottle–less Water Cooler for Your Business.

10 Reasons to Choose a Bottle-less Water Cooler for Your Business

  1. You’ll have an unlimited supply of pure, fresh, delicious water. You can even choose to have sparkling water.
  2. Hygienic water is guaranteed. With no bottle dispensers or handling of plastic bottles, there’s no opportunity for bacteria to grow or for contamination to begin.
  3. Using a bottle-less water cooler at work can lead to healthier and more productive employees.
  4. You’ll have more space around the office and home – there’s no need to store bottles!
  5. You’re helping out the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.  Fuel efficient service trucks instead of large delivery vehicles.
  6. You save time – you don’t have to wait around for your bottled water to be delivered.
  7. A bottle-less water dispenser is safer. You don’t have to lift heavy bottles, so there’s no risk of injury.
  8. There’s no security risk at your business from disruptive water deliveries. It’s the same reason why banks, airports, sports stadiums and military bases all choose bottle-less.
  9. Bottle-less is easy to use. We install and service the coolers and water systems.  All you need to do is drink great tasting water.
  10. You’ll save money – 50% or more over current bottled water expenses.

Palm Springs has the right bottle-less water system for your business. Once you go bottle-less, you won’t ever go back.