Water Cooler Firewall UV Light

When we say “firewall,” you know exactly what we’re talking about – the computer security system that protects your office from intruders, hackers, malicious code…and so on. Your office probably already has a firewall set up. But, there’s more than one firewall to set up in your office, and we bet you’re not harnessing the advantages of this secondary firewall.

The Waterlogic 3 Firewall™, a weapon of mass (pathogen) destruction

The Firewall™ is a highly sophisticated drinking water system. Unlike most drinking water systems, the Firewall™ utilizes UV technology at the point of dispense, meaning germs are obliterated milliseconds before purified water lands in your cup.

Ready for something even more impressive? Consider this: the Firewall™ is the only water dispenser technology in the world to be certified to both National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) purity standards NSF55a and P231. Want to see it in action? Check out this short video:

Firewall™ is designed to be completely effective in destroying viruses and bacteria – in over 5,000 tests (conducted by many respected and independent laboratories), Firewall™ produced 99.9999% pure water.

Let’s sum up: Firewall™ is a superior UV purification technology, delivering the purest water you can get at the point of use.

The 3 steps to provide the best in water quality to your employees

Water filtration with UV Light Firewall

There’s more, too, since Firewall™ technology is just one facet of the BEST drinking water system you can get from Century Springs. Three steps are involved:

  1. Water filtration: A step which removes the bad (chlorine, water-born tastes and odors) and leaves the good (minerals).
  2. Firewall™: As you’ve learned, Firewall™ wipes out 99.9999% of bacteria. The UV light (pictured to the right) keeps the dispensing nozzle from contaminating.
  3. BioCote®: BioCote® keeps the dispensing area free from bacteria.

All of the Century Springs drinking water systems supply clean, great tasting water, but with the Firewall™ version, you’re getting the best of the best. With five water options (Ambient, Cold, Sparkling, Hot, Extra Hot) and freestanding and counter-top options, you’re getting customized water just the way you want it: really, really pure.