Century Springs Filtration Systems Post

What is the Point of Use System?  The Point of Use System (POU) or filtration water system is an entirely bottleless Cooler system that offers an easy and convenient way for your team to have fresh, cold, clean water in the office.  When you switch to a POU System you will save money compared to a bottle delivery service.  What are the benefits of Point of Use? Needs an answer?  We already have a water cooler in our office. Why do we need a filtration water cooler?   

Here are 5-ish simple reasons to switch:  

1.     POU service provides unlimited clean water in your facility.  These sleek-looking coolers connect directly to your municipal water source.  The filtration system built into the cooler gives you and your team chemical-free water. 

a.     The three types of filtration offered are reverse osmosisgranular-activated carbon, and ultraviolet.                                                       

   i.     Reverse osmosis removes fluoride, lead, chlorine, and more that are not caught by the pre-filtration.  

Drinking Water Reverse Osmosis Process

ii.    A carbon filter is the most effective to remove poor taste and odor. Combined, reverse osmosis and carbon almost distill the water. 

Drinking Water Carbon Filter

  iii.   Ultraviolet filtration neutralizes the bacteria from growing. The UV light is powerful enough to eradicate contamination. The water enters the tank and swirls around the lamp. The microorganisms absorb the light, and this shakes up their DNA and eliminates the possibility of reproduction. 

Ultraviolet Filtration Drinking Water
2.     Having unlimited water also means you won’t need to have an entire storage area of bottles for empty coolers.  You won’t have bottles piling up collecting dirt and dust anymore.
3.     What if we told you that you don’t have to lift those massively heavy jugs anymore? The POU system eliminates the daily and weekly backbreaking chore of hoisting the jugs onto the cooler.
4.     The POU system is more environmentally friendly—it reduces the use of plastic in the workplace and reduces the amount of time our trucks spend on the road.
5.     Have no fears. There aren’t any big cooler purchases.  Switching is not a significant investment for you. Switching to the POU service is as simple as having a different cooler installed.

Now, which cooler should you choose?  

 First, consider if aesthetics are important.  What about space?   

Step 1 – Pick a Cold or Hot/Cold unit.

Here are your Cooler options: 

Standard Cold – No need for hot water in that location?  This Cooler provides fresh, unlimited, cold water for your team without the burden of replacing the heave five-gallon jugs.   Standard

Hot/Cold– This cooler needs to be near an electrical outlet and is generally best for break rooms. Consider this option if you and your team drink a lot of coffee, tea, or other hot beverages.   

Countertop – Best used if you have limited space.      

Step 2 – Choose if you want carbon only, reverse osmosis or ultraviolet filtration  

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