Water filtration systems for our future

Palm Springs filtration systems ensure that your water is free from microorganisms, contaminants, and chlorine. Our advanced technology filters high quality water to your home or office, fresh every day. A combination of micro filtration, reverse osmosis, and ultraviolet disinfection is used to deliver safe, great tasting water through Century Springs bottleless water coolers, but without overbuilding an expensive solution that you don’t need. Not only are you receiving high quality purified water, but you are also reaping 50% or more in savings over current bottled water expenses. In summary: water filtration systems supply clean, great tasting water without the hassle of bottled water deliveries, deposits or fluctuating bills.

These water filtration systems supply clean, great tasting water…but there’s more at stake than providing cool, clear water to you. Filtration systems have a strategic role in the future of water.

According to the World Health Organization, at least 1.8 million people use a drinking-water source that is contaminated with feces. An article by TechRepublic notes that one in nine people in the world live without access to clean drinking water and that 3.4 million die each year from water-related diseases. It’s not just about having access to drinking water – though that is certainly an issue – it’s about sanitation of water. In recent years, water filtration systems have played a major role in ameliorating the water situation worldwide.

Water Filtration and Today’s Technology

In 2013, researchers in India discovered a way to remove microbes, bacteria, and other matter from water by using composite nanoparticles. These nanoparticles emit silver ions that destroy contaminants. This water filtration system is the first of its kind to also remove chemical components, such as lead and arsenic, from water. The process is relatively cost-efficient, meaning that this water purification solution may become commercially scalable.

Another recent development is the use of membranes in water treatment processing. Water passes through the membranes – the pores of which are 3,000 times finer than a human hair – to be filtered and purified. While membrane chemistry has been around for years, additional research and development has yielded new ceramic membranes. These ceramic membranes help to make water treatment more affordable.

Michigan State University is responsible for one of the latest (and most imaginative) methods of water filtration and purification. Scientists have invented the McLanahan Nutrient Separation System, an anaerobic digester (which is a device that takes waste and produces energy as a byproduct) and pairs it with an ultrafiltration, air stripping, and reverse osmosis system. To simplify: cow manure is turned into clean water and nutrients from the water are extracted to act as fertilizer. The system currently produces roughly 50 gallons of water from 100 gallons of manure, but hopes to improve that number to 65 gallons of water. To read more on the McLanahan Nutrient Separation System, click here.

The future of filtration systems and their role in the purification of water is not entirely known, but all signs point to filtration systems having great importance in providing the world with safe water. Water filtration and treatment will continue to evolve, and Century Springs will continue to be at the forefront, providing Wisconsin homes and offices with quality water.

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