Whether you’re considering fresh water or water cooler alternatives for your home or business, you likely have questions. You’re not alone. And today, we’ll share some of the most frequently asked questions we get about water coolers. These are the answers you’re looking for to help you make the right water cooler decisions. 

1. What Makes Water Coolers Better Than Tap Water?

Despite the highly regulated nature of your local water treatment facilities, there still could be concerns with relying on tap water. The New York Times reported that roughly one-quarter of the US population receives drinking water from sources, not in alignment with EPA standards. And while tap water might pass testing at the plant, traveling along a network of aging pipelines could be introducing elements, sediment, and bacteria. When you have a water cooler solution, either at home or work, you know the water is properly filtered and fresh, straight from the dispenser.

2. How Do I Know If You Need a Better Water Source?

You might be wondering if you really need a better water solution. And there are signs to consider to help you determine whether or not you make that call. Our customers typically reach out to us when:

  • They need a higher-quality water solution for the workplace.
  • They notice odors or discoloration in their primary tap water.
  • They are tired of using less-than-effective filtration pitchers and accessories.
  • They want to know their families and employees are drinking pure water.

3. How Do I Choose the Right Water Cooler?

When evaluating which water cooler system is right for your home or workplace, you’ll want to consider your budget and consumption rates. From there, you can explore TDP rates or how much heat the cooler dissipates, along with aesthetics, size, and sound metrics. Each unit will offer unique benefits. So, talk with your provider about the different options that will suit your needs.

4. How Do I Maintain My Water Cooler?

To keep your new water cooler running smoothly, you’ll want to take some necessary steps to clean it. You will want to unplug it when it’s out of water and dust it regularly to keep it free of collecting lint on the external components. Avoid abrasive cleaning agents when cleaning the plastic features. And talk with your water provider about scheduling maintenance visits to ensure it’s in prime operating condition.

5. Why Should I Call Palm Springs Bottled Water First?

Whether you’re in Peoria Heights or Macomb, Illinois or Eldridge, Iowa, your first call for any water cooler-related questions should be to Palm Springs Bottled Water. We’re a family-owned business and prioritize all our residential and commercial water clients with the same service and respect we’d expect. And with our wide variety of unique water solutions, you are certain to find all the best-fit water coolers for your home or office.Connect with the Palm Springs Bottled Water team today with your water cooler questions. And we can help you choose the right water cooler wherever you need fresh, clean, and reliable water.

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